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June 2024

References on interval maps


April 2024

Truncated tent maps and the Sharkovsky stratification

December 2023

Mathematical expositions on Transformers

November 2023

Locally certified approximate trajectories in finite-dimensional dynamical systems

October 2023

Deriving special relativity: Lorentz from Lie algebras

June 2023

Backing up Gerby to GitHub

April 2023

Installing Gerby on AWS EC2

March 2023

Lagrange-Charpit equations

February 2023

Lie algebra prolongation table

January 2023

Galois groups and polynomial solvability

October 2022

Dynamic Mode Decomposition Playground

Time-Delay Embedding Playground

July 2022

Existence Criteria for Utilitarian Preference Relations

April 2022

Grothendieck: Allons-nous continuer la recherche scientifique?

November 2020

The Empire of Business — Andrew Carnegie

September 2020

Curated Papers: September 2020

Feynman's Trick: Differentiation under the integral sign

August 2020

Curated Papers: August 2020

Deriving Binet's Formula

Hacker's Bookshelf

Newton's Method and Fast Numeric Roots

Primary (Actionable) Predictors

Read Hard Books

Resources on Sheiko's load patterns

Task Priming

You Cannot Plan for Tomorrow

July 2020

Curated Papers: July 2020

Riemann, Euler, Verhulst

About Me

I am a Mathematics PhD candidate interested in the application of differential geometry and information theory to reinforcement learning and neural networks — both biological and artificial.

Lately I have been conducting research in neurodynamical systems and the topological theory of chaos.



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